Castelbuono and the small village of the Madonie Natural Park (1 day private tour)

The classic excursion includes a tour of little villages in the Madonie Park - we'll see Sanctuary of Gibilmanna/ Castelbuono (were the local guide explain you the production process of Manna) and Pollina. If you are interested we can also organize a meeting with a Farmer that make fresh cheese and a farmer who produces Manna (they Pick Manna generally in July/August).



The historic site of Castelbuono has been inhabited by people since the earliest times, and there is reason to believe that Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Normans all settled here. However it was not until the Ventimiglia family built a castle here in the 14th century that this charming town grew and adopted its current name – derived from Castello delle Buone Aire – the Castel of Good Air. The Ventimiglia were the noble Sicilian family who ruled over much of this area in the Middle Ages and who left a scattering of castles through the Madonie Mountains, but Castelbuono became their ‘capital’. That Castelbuono had a particular place in their affection is marked by their choice of the town as the site for their mausoleum, which is housed in an interesting octagonal building.

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